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Recreational Development


Webster, Foster & Weston has obtained considerable experience in recreational-related projects. These projects are unique from other areas of civil engineering in that they are often composed of a variety of engineering fields, including traffic planning, road design, and site construction. The improvements selected must also be adapted to meet the aesthetics of the local environment. In many instances, the impact of the improvements to the local environment – including finding an acceptable location – are the most important concerns for both the client and the engineer.

We have utilized many innovative and unique construction techniques to provide reliable recreational facilities. These techniques range from the utilization of geotextile fabrics in the construction of breakwaters to the use of pre-cast concrete panels for the design of comfort stations.

Typical recreational projects that we have been involved in include the following:

  • Campground Improvements
  • Comfort Stations and Vault Toilets
  • Fish Cleaning Stations
  • Boat Ramps
  • Breakwater Design and Construction
  • Access Roads
  • Swimming Pools