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Lift Station 28


This project involved the construction of a new sanitary lift station to replace an older, smaller lift station. Lift station replacement is a special challenge, since the system needs to stay fully operational throughout construction. Crews worked through the night to complete interconnections between new and old systems, in order to minimize potential disruptions to the community.

Sanitary Lift Station 28 services a combined residential and commercial area. Factors like this can affect the design and finished appearance of a lift station. This station was built to resemble residences. The precast walls were made to resemble house siding and then stained to a color that would blend in the neighborhood. False windows were built into the side to give the appearance of a residence. Colored concrete tiles were used for the roofing to resemble standard roofing while providing a much longer life to the roof. Finally, trees were planted in the yard to make it more attractive to the public.