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Lift Station 46


Sanitary Lift Station 46 was a brand new station in a previously un-serviced area. This station is in an industrial area, built to service the developed Oscarville subdivision as well as a much larger area that is soon to be developed by large industries. This lift station is built with a single, 24-foot diameter barrel that has a wet side, where sewage collects, and a dry side, which houses the pumps. Having two separate sides in a single facility makes operations and maintenance easier and safer for the City Wastewater crews.

Sanitary sewer systems have to handle very harsh conditions. Sewage produces hydrogen sulfide gases which are caustic to many materials and can cause severe deterioration of concrete and metals. WFW has many years of experience working with lift stations and recognizes the importance of quality materials. We ensure that our specifications provide for quality products that will last as long as possible in harsh environments. We provide on-site engineering experience to ensure that products used are the same as those specified.